Manage Environmental Compliance End to End

Mysticetus protects you from human error that can cripple projects, deplete margins, and threaten your very ability to operate

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Demand Higher Standards

Mysticetus drives Environmental Teams to make logical, data-driven decisions. Mysticetus enforces data standardization across mitigation, collection, and reporting. Secure Audit provides un-alterable proof of compliance - paper or Excel leaves your operation and your permit vulnerable to legal challenges. Integration with external tools such as laser range finders, IR cameras, and theodolites provide exact data capture without human interaction.

Insurance Against False Claims

Paper Won't Protect Your Permit

All it takes is one claim of violation and you may lose your right to operate. Protected Species Observer (PSO) data collected via paper and spreadsheets cannot be defended - they can be altered by anyone, anytime - and lawyers know this. Paper and Excel spreadsheets will be quickly dismissed in court. Mysticetus securely encrypts and audits all data in compliance with security industry standards (AES-256) forming your basis of nonrepudiation. Nothing can be changed without knowing precisely who, when, and how it was changed. Quickly refute unfounded claims of permit violation. Paper and Excel can't do this.

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Eliminate Human Errors, Standardize Reporting

Dramatically Reduce Operational Costs

Human errors and inefficiencies can destroy your margins: Inappropriate shutdowns, mis-entered coordinates, erroneous distance calculations. Mysticetus template system enforces consistent data collection. Mysticetus technology catches, highlights and fixes PSO errors as they happen. Mysticetus prevents unnecessary shutdowns and costly delays. Mysticetus slashes expensive post-operation QA burdens. Manage and generate repeatable, consistent reports in seconds - not hours/days. Mysticetus replaces expensive GIS services.

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Monitor All of Your Operations - From Anywhere On The Planet

Mysticetus Command Center

Automatically share sightings between vessels in your operation. View and monitor every survey vessel and stations that are part of your project via a web interface. Vessel locations, animal sightings, and operational status can all be seen. Dynamic management areas are displayed automatically for your observers. Everyone sees the same thing at the same time. Situational awareness leverages the power of the cloud.

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Address your technical deficits

Mysticetus Technical Services (MTS)

You know that one IT project you just can't get to because everything else is on fire? Yeah. We know. This isn't our first rodeo, either. Mysticetus Technical Services has a proven track record of solving critical high-tech problems in the marine industry. We specialize in hard-core software development and hardware deployment. We have a rolodex of top contract software developers. Our solutions include support of your environmental staff, anti-piracy technology, geophysical/geotechnical engineering, and production modules. Net-net: we augment your IT staff's technical bandwidth. Give us a call.

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Customers value Mysticetus turnkey solutions

Experience the difference in your next operation with the dedicated Mysticetus team by your side.

Kat, Marine Sciences Director

"Greatly frees me up from reviewing reports and allows me to focus on generating new business for my organization. Training for new observers is simple and straight forward allowing us to leverage help from a diverse set of backgrounds."

- Kat, Marine Sciences Director

Over $1.6 million USD savings directly measured during one 4-month operation

A 2015 case study on Mysticetus use (Cook Inlet Seismic Survey) demonstrated $1.6 million saved by preventing false shutdowns and delays. Imagine what Mysticetus can do for you.

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