Mysticetus Command Center

Monitor and manage all remote operations in real-time from anywhere.

Remote Monitoring of All Operations, From Anywhere

Mysticetus Tracks All Vessels, Aircraft and Animal Sightings
Mysticetus plots and shares all vessels, aircraft and any animal sightings on a shared map display. All Observers, managers and anyone with the appropriate passwords can monitor every project action, in real-time. Observers record when equipment is being deployed, when vessels are on or off work effort (survey, construction, etc.), and when and where animals are.

Animals are accurately tracked and predicted, relative to exclusion zones, in realtime
Every animal sighting is accurately and instantly plotted on the map. Mysticetus predicts future motion as well, and all viewers everywhere see this in real-time. It is obvious when an animal is (or is not) within or approaching an exclusion/mitigation zone. All ambiguity and human error are replaced with clear, concise information displays.

Environmental Mitigation is Legal Business. If you do it wrong, you could lose your very permit to operate.

Everything that happens in the field - vessel movement, workboat operational status, animal sightings, environmental mitigations - is time stamped and recorded with state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption in a replayable and unalterable audit log. All data edits are logged and audited. Should it ever become necessary to prove something happened - or did not happen - Mysticetus gives you the ability. Easily forged Excel spreadsheets and paper forms provide no such audit capability, and will be laughed out of court.

Data Driven Mitigation

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