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Data collection consistency is enforced across all contributors

Pre-Define Your Data Collection Model

Mysticetus' template system gives you the tools to customize and enforce consistent data collection. Data is automatically backed up to the cloud. Animal locations are mapped quickly and easily for immediate visualization and verification. Sighting data is viewable across all project computers. Mysticetus has been used on hundreds of research projects, from vessel and aerial line transect (density, abundance, presence/absense) through behavioral focal follow (from land, sea and air), and of course mitigation.

Fix Errors Right Away, take back those nights lost to QA/QC

Data Quality Checked as it is Collected

Data errors are immediately obvious on the real-time map display. Entry classification is consistent. Calculations are automated for you. Automatically and correctly capture data from field equipment such as theodolites (including many Sokkia/Topcon models from DT5 through DT200), AIS and your gps.

Custom, Automated Analysis with Professional Mapping of Results

Automated Analysis and Publication-Ready GIS Quality Mapping

Aggregate data across days, weeks, months, etc. into a single, integrated report including your maps and sighting notes. Reports are customized by you to meet your requirements. Results exported at a click of the mouse.

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Kat, Marine Researcher

"Greatly frees me up from reviewing reports and allows me to focus on generating new business for my organization."

- Kat, Marine Researcher

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