Human Errors Can Destroy Entire Operations - Mysticetus Fixes That

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Prevent costly false shutdowns & Reduce startup delays

Eliminate Human Error and Inefficiencies

Shutdowns are expensive. False shutdowns flush money down the drain. Mysticetus automates data recording, removing human error. A high-resolution graphical displays provides operational oversight in realtime, eliminating Protected Species Observer (PSO) guess work and forcing immediate QA. Mysticetus integrates GPS, AIS, passive acoustic monitoring, IR cameras, real time mapping, and internet connectivity. No more scrawled notes on paper. No more random guesses in Excel. No more data transcription errors. In one case study (Cook Inlet Seismic, 2015) Mysticetus saved $1.6 million by preventing unnecessary shutdowns.

High-Tech Non-Repudiation - Risk Reduction for Your Insurance Policy

Mysticetus Audit Refutes False Claims, Keeps Operations Running Smoothly

Protected Species Observers (PSOs) are your official, government-approved, onboard witnesses of legal compliance. Mysticetus double-checks, records and audits every PSO action. Paper scribbles and inauditable Excel data are easily challenged by opposing counsel. False claims can come from angry citizens with blurry photos. Or perhaps a disgruntled employee and intentionally altered data. Mysticetus time-stamps, encrypts and securely audits everything recorded by PSOs, as well as everyone who touches the data later. Mysticetus-recorded data cannot be altered without knowing who, when, where and why it was altered. This provides strongest possible protection from false claims of permit violation.

Centralize Monitoring and Management of Operations

Mysticetus Command Center

Mysticetus Command Center maps all your operational activities, vessel statuses, reported sightings, weather conditions and even integrates NOAA Dynamic Management Areas. Animal sightings ands ship locations are shared with everyone equipped with Mysticetus on your project. If you've got internet, you can watch your operation in real-time, from anywhere on the planet.

Common Data Collection Drives Future Operations Planning

Develop Your Big Data Solution

Quick. Where is your observer data from previous operations? What format is it? Can you use it to plan for the future? Where WERE those whales last May, anyways? Mysticetus enforces consistent data collection that easily becomes a long range planning tool. Year over year, Mysticetus data is automatically backed up to the cloud for long-term retention and can be exported into most standard formats for ongoing analysis and planning.

Mysticetus Turnkey Solutions includes support

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Rick, Operations Director

"We had operational issues at 4:30 in the morning. The Mysticetus team immediately responded to our call and helped us address what were our issues quickly."

- Rick, Operations Director

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