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Make informed, defensible mitigation decisions

Data driven mitigation

Wait. Smudges on paper or un-traceable Excel edits? If your Protected Species Observer (PSO) makes a mistake, it can cost your client millions of dollars. Your clients - and governmental regulators - rely on your PSOs to document compliance with environmental laws and corporate policy. You can't do this in a legally-defensible fashion with error-prone scribbles on paper or random Excel notes that can be changed by anyone, anytime, without record of who did what, when. Mysticetus helps your PSOs make informed, objective shutdown decisions. Mysticetus preserves and audits data using high-tech industry security standards (AES-256). Mysticetus presents a comprehensive, crystal clear, real-time picture for all project observers - on vessels, in aircraft, or on land.

Reduce cost of generating reports

Automated Report Generation

Reports are generated with a single button push. Quickly aggregate data across days, weeks, months, etc. into a single, integrated cloud database including your sighting photos and notes. GIS service costs are eliminated in most cases. Easily export all data to most common formats.

Increase accuracy through your defined data collection model

Standardized Data Collection

Observers consistently collect data to your defined standard. Vessel and animal locations are instantly mapped, displayed and shared across connected computers around the world. Accurate sighting data is validated at time of entry. Mistakes are fixed on the water, not in the office. Mysticetus automatically records all the basics: date, time, distances and locations. Mysticetus doesn't allow your PSOs to do it the wrong way.

Customers see the value in Mysticetus

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Brigid, Survey Operations Director

"Our team began using Mysticetus for our right whale aerial surveys in 2017, which also happened to be a record year. We documented close to 200 right whales in a single survey, and without Mysticetus our data collection and post processing would not have been as efficient nor as clean. We customized templates for three different surveys and it is now a vital part of our operations. We value Mysticetus in real time data collection mode because of the interface and map, allowing us to quickly see where we have circled prior and what we have found, as well as afterwards in editing mode utilizing effort reports and sightings summaries. Dave and Paul have been very responsive troubleshooting issues, fulfilling features requests, and assisting us to get the most of out of Mysticetus' capabilities."

- Brigid, Survey Operations Director

Mysticetus Manages Environmental Compliance End to End

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