Mysticetus Technical Services

Mysticetus Technical Services augments your IT bandwidth

Augment your Research and Development - Clear critical technical debt

Software and Hardware Development Services

You know that high-tech project you just can't get to because everything else is on fire? Yeah. That one. We can help. Mysticetus has the background and capacity to fill your short term needs: data visualization, app development, GDPR compliant cloud solutions, database development, system throughput scaling. AWS and Azure. Github, Netlify, Hugo/Jekyll. This ain't our first high-tech rodeo.

Unprepared mitigation teams will be present poorly and be expensive

Techincal Services to validate your team's technological readiness

Are your Protected Species Observers (PSOs) good to go? Let us assess, fine-tune, and validate they are ready to go before sailing. Electronic gear ready? Team fully trained? Ship's systems providing adequate support? Let us stop by and confirm team readiness before they sail.

Comprehenisive Verification and Validation of Complex - or out of control - Projects

Independent Review of Critical Projects

We know how to create and deploy technology. We've spent our lives doing just that. Redefining a project's path to success is, frankly, hard - and depends on blunt, actionable feedback. We can review, assess, and help in the recovery of an project and reign in costs. Unlike internal teams, we don't have a horse in your corporate race. We'll tell it like it is so you can make the hard decisions.

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